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Tips for the Norway in a Nutshell Journey

Updated: Sep 12

Norway in Nutshell is a spectacular trip that showcases some of Norway's natural beauty, but the journey does make for a long day unless you choose to stay overnight in one of the small towns along the way. Although there are numerous stops during the journey, there is not a lot of free time between each leg of the trip, so it is best to be prepared. We have put together some handy tips that will help ensure that your Norway in a Nutshell experience is carefree and goes as smoothly as possible.

1.) Have a Big Breakfast

The Norway in a Nutshell journey is a full day, so give your body the fuel it needs for the trip and grab a big breakfast before you leave. If you are not an early riser, you could always grab a coffee and some pastries at the train station to enjoy during the train ride to Myrdal, as all seats have folding tray tables. There is also a small cafe on the train, where you can buy sandwiches, pastries, and coffee.

2.) Pack Lots of Snacks

Throughout the trip, there are several places you can grab a bite to eat, including dining cars on the train and small cafes at the train stations, but these are quite expensive and often crowded with hungry travellers. A good idea is to buy some fruit, granola bars, pastries, and other snacks the day before and keep them in your backpack to munch on throughout the day. Having snacks in your backpack will allow you to spend more time observing the incredible natural scenery, instead of wasting time waiting in lines to buy food.

3.) Dress for the Elements

We did Norway in a Nutshell in mid-October and the weather was quite cold, especially out of the fjords during the ferry ride. If you are travelling in the colder months make sure you bring a warm jacket, beanie, and even some gloves, to keep you toasty warm, so that you can spend time outside enjoying the scenery. Norway is known for its unpredictable weather so don't forget to pack a rain jacket to keep you dry, as you move between transportation. Packing a pair of waterproof boots or shoes would be a good idea too. If you are travelling in the summer months, bring a hat with a brim and sunglasses so that you won't be squinting into the sun while admiring the incredible views.

4.) Charge your Camera

The scenery you will see during the Norway in a Nutshell journey is quite impressive and there are fantastic photo opportunities from start to finish, so make sure your camera battery is fully charged the night before. If you have a spare battery or a power bank for charging, it might be handy to bring it along too. Make sure you have plenty of room to store photos on your device, you might need to clear your memory to make space or bring a spare SD card.

5.) Bring Cash

While most places along the route will accept cards for payment, it is always a good idea to bring cash, just in case the systems are down. You will also need cash to pay for the bus from Gudvangen to Voss, as they do not accept credit or debit cards. If you can have a mixture of smaller notes and coins, then you will be well prepared for any situation.

Norway in a Nutshell is a fantastic way to get a glimpse of some of Norway's diverse natural scenery in just one day. Although the journey is long, if you are properly prepared the trip will be both comfortable and enjoyable allowing you to experience the true natural beauty Norway has on offer.

To book your Norway in a Nutshell trip you can visit the Fjord Tours website to purchase the journey as a full package or if you would like to save some money, you can book the tickets independently, as explained in our DIY - Norway in a Nutshell blog post.

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