About A World Explored

We are a travel-loving duo who first met in Phetchabun, Central Thailand in August 2014. Hailing from New Zealand and Thailand our lives couldn't be any more different; however, our shared love of travelling to new places and desire to experience the unfamiliar, has brought us together and we have been taking trips and exploring the world ever since.


We are self-described flashpackers, who love a good bargain but have traded in hostel living and twelve-hour bus rides for budget hotels and direct flights. We try to travel as often as we can, by booking spontaneous short trips to destinations around the world, inspired by natural scenery, local foods, and of course, cheap flight tickets!

After travelling to numerous countries together and exploring incredible places all over the globe, we decided it was time to share our travel stories with the world, hence 'A World Explored' was created. We hope this travel blog will inform, encourage, and inspire others to explore the world and take those trips they have always dreamed of! 


About Us

"Growing up on a rice farm in the Northeast of Thailand, I enjoyed spending time in nature and being outdoors, but I was always curious about the world outside of my small hometown. After graduating from high school, I attended university and completed a bachelor's degree in finance and a master's degree in marketing. It was during my university career that I developed a love for traveling, as I first started to explore my own country and then other countries in Southeast Asia. I am now employed fulltime as a Branch Effectiveness Supervisor at a local bank in Buriram Thailand. Since my first trip, my passion for exploring new places has continued to grow and I am always looking forward to traveling to new destinations around the world.

Beau Pennycook

"Born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand, I spent my childhood growing up on livestock farms and always enjoyed being outdoors. After graduating high school I made the bold decision to leave my home country for the first time, to volunteer in Thailand for six months. After falling in love with the country, I decided to relocate to Thailand, just three months after returning to New Zealand. I sought out employment as an English teacher and later completed a BA in Education and Anthropology. I am now employed fulltime as a science teacher at a local primary school in Buriram Thailand. That first trip I made over ten years ago, kickstarted my love of travel and has inspired me to explore and experience as many places in the world as I can."


Kungwan Auksorn (Kong)     

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